Graphic Designer: Kophie Su'a-Hulsbosch
Photographer: Erica Austin, Peanut Productions Phorography

VOL.43Thursday 8 July, 2021
TSB Tūranga

Celebrating creativity in Ōtautahi! PechaKucha speakers will share the creative stories which have helped shaped their lives. From colour, to identity, to play and much more we'll be exploring an eclectic collection of talks from speakers all across our community.


Ekant Veer // Professor at the University of Canterbury and Director of Te Pae Raka Hau | The Canterbury Knowledge Commons // Am I racist?

Regina Speer // Graphic Design for Purpose Driven Business // Unlearn and Unleash

Kayleigh Malthouse // Graphic Designer // Colour Psychology in Branding

Dylan Parker // Organic Farmer // Slow food: From seed to celebration

Stephanie Beth // Documentary Producer // Talking Heads  

Jade Cavalcante // Creative Entrepreneur // Decolo...What? Adding New Spices to Your Life

Natalia Fuentes// Industrial Designer & Twins Connection Co-founder// Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing

Modecai Nkhwazi // Solutions Broker // Everything is Everything: Reflections on a 100 mile run   

Centuri Chan // LEGO Artist // Making It

PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.