Photographer: Shannen Smith, Visualit

VOL.29 - We have the means to participate!
Monday 24 October, 2016
Christchurch Civic Building

FESTA 2016 line up. The theme for FESTA is We have the Means, and the festival line up features citizen-initiated urban regeneration and sustainability through the reuse of waste materials in design.


Molly Van Hart// Project manager at Life in Vacant Spaces and fan girl of succulents// on making space
Andrew Just// Architect// on power to the people
Mark Chirnside//Coffee Roaster// on projectile coffee
Hannah Watkinson// Photographer and curator// in situ
Alex Davies// Chef// on the ethics and the enjoyment of eating plants
Lindsay Chan// Geospatial Extraordinaire// on the many murals of Christchurch

Robert Henderson//Project Manager - Christchurch Bike Share// on making things happen when bureaucrats say no

Poh Eng Eum, Agnes Guda and Takumi Kawahara// Ara Students and PK interns// on sinking into Christchurch life
Raphael Nolden// Entrepreneur and education democratiser// on visions for the future of Christchurch
Summer Hess//Writer and Project Manager// the antidote is community
Massey FESTA studio// Architecture students// on pipe dreaming


PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.